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What We Do

Everyone’s different, everyone’s unique and marketing campaigns are the same. We know there’s no such thing as an ‘off the shelf’ plan, what we do is develop strong campaigns that deliver the right results for our clients. To begin yours, we will make sure we get a good grasp of your business objectives, and fully understand what you’re trying to achieve to reach success, in both the short and the long term.

3D Visualisation

Our founders are the leading experts in digital 3D visualisation and rendering. We take pride in having worked on some of the most recognised brands and film productions in the world like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and many more. 


Our experts use high-craft, creativity, and technological innovation to create exceptional brand experiences. Our consultancy expertise and our market-leading practices ensure excellence in our end-to-end consult to delivery offering.


 At Lemon Fuse, we help clients capitalise on this through product development. Our agile process matches market insights with unmet customer needs and technology innovation to create products and services designed for the digital age.


We can build your brand from the begining, or refresh and update your evolving one to engage the right market for your business.

Web Design
When you need to put your best branded face to the world, we can help with any assets you need to achieve that aim, such as printed literature, packaging or digital assets.
Search Engine Optimization

We work together with PR, PPC and data teams to discover how your brand can stand out and ensure highly targeted traffic is being driven to your site.

Plugin and Widget Development
Our expert software developers are skilled to find the best widgets or plugins that fit the needs of your organisation.
Content Strategy
From a customer acquisition perspective, SEO has the unique ability to capture the attention of the user; from a high-level target audience to those looking for a specific product or service, with a much lower price tag than other paid digital activity.

Recent Work

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Let’s Work Together

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